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March Article Roundup

Monday March 31, 2014
It's been an interesting month for markets, what with the Ukrainian situation making investors nervous about their European holdings, and the Fed's tapering activities causing emerging market equities to tank. I look forward to seeing how badly the unusually harsh winter affected Q1 GDP growth and whether we can expect a brighter spring. Read More...

Reach Out to Clients When Markets Decline

Friday February 28, 2014
February's been quite the month in the markets and a lot of advisors have been taking the step of reaching out to their clients for education and reassurance. Being proactive about addressing potential client concerns is one of the hallmarks of a great advisor; it can be challenging to find the time and creative energy to develop content around client concerns, but it needs to be done. Here are some great ways to stay ahead of your clients without taking a ton of time: Read More...

Diversify Your Financial Advisory Practice

Friday January 31, 2014
Does financial services have a diversity problem? Demographics in the U.S. are changing and new subsets of investors are taking on new important to financial services firms. How can advisors attract women clients and serve new ethnic groups? Read More...

January Roundup

Friday January 31, 2014
January was an interesting month in the financial services industry, what with the rollout of Obamacare, jittery markets, and a continuing Fed taper. Here are a few of the articles that we posted this month: Read More...

Best Financial Marketing Articles of 2013

Tuesday December 31, 2013
Hey there, readers! Here's a roundup of my most popular marketing posts in 2013:
  1. Webinar Marketing for Elite Advisors;
  2. Little-Known Secrets of Email Marketing Campaigns;
  3. Blogging to Engage Affluent Investors;
  4. Deepening Client Engagement by Helping Clients Achieve Their Financial Resolutions
  5. Prospecting Ideas for Financial Advisors
Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2014!

Financial Services Trends to Watch in 2014

Tuesday December 31, 2013
As 2013 comes to a close and we usher in 2014, keep an eye on these important trends: Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2014!

November Roundup

Saturday November 30, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a brief roundup of a couple of the articles I posted this month: Learn about some commonly-missed tax deductions for financial advisors. Do you struggle to advise your high-anxiety clients? Here are some tips that can help you manage these difficult investors and build a strong, profitable relationship. Did you catch the news about the Facebook Pages update? Facebook made some big changes that could create compliance headaches for financial firms around the country.

Final Days Until the 2013 CFA Exam

Saturday November 30, 2013
The countdown has begun to the final week before the December 2013 CFA exam, which is on December 7th. In honor of candidates who are (like me) feverishly reviewing and making final study topic lists, I wrote several articles focusing on various topics of import to CFA candidates. Read More...

Are Advisors Flocking to the RICP Designation?

Thursday October 31, 2013
Retirement income planning requires a different set of skills than other aspects of accumulation phase financial planning. Read More...

How Top Financial Advisor Boost Productivity

Thursday October 31, 2013
Getting to the top of your industry means increasing your productivity and focusing your efforts on only the activities that will move you forward. Here's how the best in the game do it: Read More...

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