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"Resources" provides financial practice managers with easy access to information about networks by designation and/or practice area. Professional associations by designation, meetings, trends, and analysis are offered.

Healthcare Insurance Commissions: Cut to the Bone
This is an article about proposed fee-based compensation changes in the health insurance industry. If you're looking for information about healthcare insurance sales and producer compensation practices, you've come to the right place.

Citibank's Economic Pulse Poll Shows Consumer Confidence Decline
This is an article about the most recent Economic Pulse poll published by Citibank in April 2011. If you're looking for information about consumer responses to economic conditions, and financial advisor responses to the information, you've come to the right place.

Types of banks and financial institutions
This is an article about banks and financial institutions in financial services. If you're wondering about what kinds of banks operate and the types of financial services banks offer to customers, you've come to the right place.

4 Ways to Increase Your 401(k) Business
As 401(k)s become more popular, financial advisers have a great opportunity to build their business through this growing market.

3 Things Advisers Should Know About the DOMA Decision
The recent Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, which granted married gay couples the same federal rights as heterosexual couples has far reaching consequences for financial planning.

5 Annuity Mistakes Your Clients Should Avoid
Annuities are complex financial instruments that clients may find confusing. Help educate them about their options with these helpful tips.

How to Target Affluent Clients
Affluent clients are the lifeblood of a healthy financial practice. Here are some strategies to attract and retain these valuable clients.

5 Ways to Improve Your Website Marketing
Your website can be a valuable marketing tool. Here are some ways to achieve a better return on your marketing investment.

5 Habits of Elite Financial Advisors

3 Ways to Become a Financial Services Expert

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